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september 15—19
Why Albania?
Still very underrated, Albania is a beautiful country around the Balkans, with soft Mediterranean climate and more than 300 sunny days a year. Its postcard beaches could easily be confused with the Maldives, except that it is much cheaper and way more adventurous. Mountains and lakes, great local food and positive people, you would never regret putting this one on your personal travel map.
how’s the weather?
Around 28°C in day time and 15°C at night. Usually very warm and sunny, but don’t forget to bring your jacket not to get cold in the evening.
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what to do (other than dance on epizode)?
what to do (other than dance on epizode)?

If you enjoy nature, you should check on the Albanian parks (Ulza Regional, Nikaj-Mertur and Theth Village just to name a few). For the active ones, there are tracking trails in Albanian Alps and the oldest lakes with pristine valleys that will have you amazed.

If you’re into history and culture there are some things to do as well. Albania has a very wide range of sights, such as Gjirokastra with its beautiful Ottoman architecture, Berat aka «the city with thousands of windows» and many more.

For the hedonists there are some good news too, as Albania has unexpectedly good vineyard scene. You can go to Cabo, Nurellari, Malinati or Luani vineyards, for the best local wines.

is it safe?
Yes, Albania is rated as a country with a very good level of safety and Albanians are usually very hospitable and helpful.
where to stay?
We would recommend using Airbnb.com for renting apartments and booking.com for the Hotels.
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